Sacred Thistle is the conception of mother + daughter duo, Sydney and Cornelia Peterson based out of Denver, Colorado. Available for travel across the globe - for events micro to macro.

Surrounded by the great giants to the West and rolling plains in the East, we seek our inspiration from nature & the seasons. Admiring the expressive movement of each stem, we place each individual to create sculpture rather than merely provide a service. Our style has been influenced by the Japanese way of Wabi-Sabi ; Embracing imperfection and appreciating every stage of a flowers being. (We won't put dead flowers in your arrangement (unless you ask us to), but we will not discount a flower if it has a blemish or imperfection - Instead we seek to escape the mindset floral culture has ingrained in us - flowers are living and flawed, and incredible. And, yes, they will die. And they will still be beautiful.)

Whenever possible, floral, foliage and gift garnishes are seasonally foraged from the surrounding land, or acquired from local + organic sources. All floral is hunted down, hand-picked, and of the highest quality. 

Our services include floral for events, weddings, editorials and every day + gift adornment + styling